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The conference organisers are pleased to announce that travel and
accomodation grants are available to young researchers from Europe
and, in selected cases, from outside of Europe to attend the next
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CREATE conference Gjøvik 2010!
colour in art, science, design, conservation, research, printmaking, digital technologies, textiles.

Where :
Gjøvik University College, Gjøvik, Norway
When : 8th-11th June 2010

Thank you!
For making the CREATE 2010 conference such a successful end to the current CREATE project!

The organisers at the Gjøvik University College did a fantastic job in planning a lively and inspiring programme of conference and social events. With a welcome to Gjøvik from the Major in the Gjøvik Olympic stadium (the 'largest manmade cavern fit for public use') the week was off to a winning start!

As the last in the current programme of CREATE events, it was great to such a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar faces - a testament to the scope this network has to continue to grow.

Find out more by visiting our programme page.

2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Visual Appearance
The deadline for abstracts for the 2nd CIE Expert Symposium on Visual Appearance is fast approaching: 30 April 2010.

This symposium will take place at the Light & Lighting Laboratory of the Catholic University College St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium, from 8 to 10 September 2010.
The scope of the symposium is:
  • To present the state of the art in our understanding of the perception of appearance related issues (colour, gloss, texture, etc.).
  • To explore the possible applications of visual appearance knowledge to several aspects of lighting design and comfort.
Possible topics that could be addressed are:
  • Colour measurement
  • Colour appearance
  • Colour emotion
  • Colour rendering
  • Colour preference
  • Gloss perception
  • Glare
  • Luminance based design
  • Lighting comfort
  • Light & colour design
  • Consumer behaviour
  • ...
We hereby invite you to submit a paper.
For updated information, and to download the submission template, visit the website:

We hope to meet you in Gent!

Dr Peter Hanselaer, Light & Lighting Laboratory
Dr Mike Pointer, Chair TC1-72

Light & Lighting Laboratory
Catholic University College Sint-Lieven
Gebroeders Desmetstraat 1
B-9000 Gent

Welcome to CREATE conference Gjøvik 2010!
colour in art, science, design, conservation, research, printmaking, digital technologies, textiles.

Where :
Gjovik University College, Gjovik, Norway
When : 8th-11th June 2010
Number of places : 100 travel & accommodation grants available
Application deadline: 1st February 2010

This grand finale conference will showcase the research activities of those working in colour from a range of backgrounds across Europe. The conference is open to all working in colour: postgraduate students from arts and sciences, artists, industry & the commercial sector and researchers. The conference will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday will be a cultural day with a guided trip to Oslo. The conference will consist of oral and poster presentations by the conference attendees. Delegates will also hear key lectures from leading industry professionals, artists, scientists and technologists.

Find out more by visiting our programme page.

Funding Opportunity
There is an opportunity for funding for foreign young researchers to work and study in Norway for 1 to 10 months.

Please contact Ivar Farup, if you are interested. email:

  •  What:
  •  Mobility stipends for stay from 1 to 10 months in Norway
  •  Deadline for applications: 17.02.2010 13:00 CET
  •  Earliest project start: 01.08.2010
  •  Fund size: NOK 10M
  •  Who:
  •  Highly qualified ph.d-students, or Young researchers, max 6 years since PhD degree was granted
  •  From around 50 countries
  •  People who have a research need to spend a period of time at a Norwegian research institute. Not for people who want to finish a degree in Norway.
  •  If the person lives in Norway, he or she must have lived here less than 2 years.
  •  Support levels:
  •  PhD students NOK 12 000 / month + 10 000 to get established
  •  Young researchers: NOK 15 000 / month + NOK 10 000 to get establsihed
  •  Earliest project start: August 1 2010

  • Opportunities for future funding:
    The following links are a list of websites that were described at the last training event along with a few more files and links.

    A UK website for researchers looking for scholarships at UK universities.

    UK research Office. Marie Curie helpdesk. Subscribers from Europe can also apply.

    The Europa gateway to FP7 Marie Curie Actions.

    Open Call - networking for at least 10 countries

    UKRO gateway to FP7 Marie Curie Work Programme - mobility: trans-national, international outgoing and incoming fellowships Deadline 17th August 2010.

    Funding opportunities for 18 CEI member states (Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic....) Joint programme between at least 2 member states.
    Deadline 20th November

    A list of useful downloadable documents from the Europa website:

    FP7-ICT-2009-5 : Frequently asked questions (version 1; 30th July 2009) (pdf)

    ICT: COOPERATION : Updated Work programme 2009 and Work programme 2010 (pdf)

    Call for proposals for ERC Advanced Investigators Grant (pdf)

    Marie Curie: People - Work programme 2010 (pdf)

    Call for papers - Gjøvik Color Imaging Symposium 2009 : June 19, 2009

    We are very happy to announce that Gjøvik Color Imaging Symposium 2009 will take place in Gjøvik, Norway, on June 19, 2009. It is the fifth time that the Norwegian Color Research Laboratory at Gjøvik University College hosts this event.

    This year, GCIS is organized in collaboration with the Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, SCIA2009, which takes place in Oslo, Norway, in the week preceding GCIS (see, in order to allow many SCIA participants to participate in GCIS at the same time.

    This year, the focus of our symposium is "Putting human vision into image processing and evaluation". We are preparing a rich program of invited talks and discussion sessions about this hot topic in color imaging. Check at for updates about invited speakers and panels.

    However, the symposium will cover all aspects of the use of color information in digital imaging and rely on your contributions. Thus we invite researchers to submit papers covering all the research topics of digital color imaging, as well as aspects of the symposium topic "Putting human vision into image processing and evaluation", such as:
    •  Image quality and image difference metrics
    •  Spatial colour algorithms
    •  Colour appearance in images
    •  Measuring contrast and other perceptual features of images
    •  Optimizing image processing algorithms based on perceptual metrics
    •  Modeling perception of complex scenes
    •  Print quality
    •  Visual saliency
    We encourage submissions presenting work in progress, tools under development, as well as research of master and PhD students, such that the workshop can become a forum for active dialog between the groups involved in this research area.

    Extended abstracts, including at least preliminary results, figures and references, should be submitted before May 1st, 2009, through the web interface at The submissions should be in form of a pdf file, preferrably formatted using the easychair.cls LaTeX class file available from The length of the extended abstract should be between 2 and 4 pages in total

    Best Regards,
    Jon Y Hardeberg and Alessandro Rizzi
    Conference Chairs

    May 2009
    Training Course 4 : Communicating Colour
    Where : Pannon University, Veszprem, Hungary
    When : 19-23 May 2009
    Number of places : 30
    Application deadline: Monday 23 May 2009

    The event would include workshops and sessions, both theoretical and practical, which will address problems relating to the conceptual aspects of colour, colour naming, teaching, profiling, communication, marketing, advertising, arts, and pedagogic research.

    It will include:
    • The practical requirements for the end user such as the designer, archivist, commercial printer, film and television-maker;
    • History and practice of colour science, artists’ models and industrial colour requirements;
    • What devices are needed to teach colour, teaching in schools, industry and for the services.
    Day One:
    A series of lectures/ tutorials discussing the properties of devices we can use for communicating colours (soft and hard).

    Key note speaker: Janos Schanda (Uni. Pannonia, Virt. Environments and Imaging Technologies Lab) Standardized colour communication and beyond  Abstract
    •  Dr. Balázs Kránicz (Uni. Pannonia, Institute of Physics) Colorimetric Properties of Computer Peripherials in Imaging  Abstract
    •  Youngshin Kwak (Samsung, S. Korea) Introduction to Display Processing Techniques  Abstract
    Day Two:
    A series of lectures/ tutorials that will deal with the use of colour communication in different industries/arts:
    •  Dr.Robert Hirschler (SENAI/CETIZT Colour Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - abstract to follow.
    •  Prof. Ildikó Endrédy and Dr Péter Schulz (Printing Department Budapest Technical College) - abstract to follow.
    •  Prof. Ilona Heidal (Chalmers Uni., Sweden) - Photorealism and Abstractions Supporting Communication in Architecture  Abstract
    •  Dr. Cecilia Sik-Lányi (Uni. of Pannonia, Virt. Environments and Imaging Technologies Lab.) - abstract to follow.
    •  Tadeus Krzeszoviak (Technical College, Austria) - the use of colour in the theatre  abstract to follow
    •  Lindsay MacDonald (London College of Communication) - Tutorial on colour communication  Abstract
    Day Three: Colour education and further possibilities.
    •  Dr. Michael Pointer (Visiting Professor, University of Leeds, University of the Arts London) - Visual Appearance - Colour and beyond  Abstract
    •  Dr. Alessandro Rizzi (Università Degli Studi Di Milano) - The many ways to distort a colour: the long path from reality to perception  Abstract
    All tutorials will be backed up with practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises: Dr. Hirschler will lead a demonstration where students can show their understanding of the different colour terms (like the NCS tutorials).

    We hope to get from some colorimeter manufacturers demo instruments, so that we can make practical measurements on those. Dr. Krzeszoviak will bring fluorescent paints used in the theatre and students can experiment with those.

    Cultural Day
    The cultural day on Saturday will include a tour of the Herend porcelain manufacture, where somebody will tell us about porcelain painting, as well as a visit to the mini manufacturer in Herend, the monastery in Tihany and lake Balaton.

    The application deadline is Monday 23 February 2009. To download an application form, click on the 'how to apply' link at the top right of the page.
    Please email your completed application form to :

    CREATE's 2008 Programme of Events comes to a close
    Autumn 2008 training courses
    New Ways to use Print Technology
    On Paper - Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol, 13-17 October
    On Fabric - INTERFACE: Centre for Research in Art, Technologies and Design, University of Ulster, Belfast, 21-24 October


    CREATE's 2008 programme of events comes to a close with the completion of our Autumn print training courses. On Paper was hosted by the CFPR, UWE, in Bristol, from 13-17 October, and On Fabric was hosted by INTERFACE at the University of Ulster, Belfast, from 21-24 October. The training courses were the third and fourth in a programme of seven CREATE events that started in September 2007, and ends in Norway in March 2010.

    30 grants were available for the Bristol event, and 20 for Belfast. Successful applicants included a balance of artists, scientists, engineers, and designers from over 16 European countries, from backgrounds including the fine arts, art history, architecture, image science, visual perception, web design, textile design, computer science, photography, digital print, and biomedicine.

    Representation from such a broad and dynamic range of disciplines enabled dialogue between individuals from brilliantly diverse backgrounds, which we hope will lead to some very interesting new avenues of research. The opportunity to make new contacts has also added great value to the CREATE network, and is something we will continue to build on in the future.

    Both courses offered a combination of lectures delivered by industry experts and studio based workshops. Bristol papers included From Pulp to Print (Kate Cropper, St Cuthberts Mill), Using LCD monitors in Graphic Arts (Gabriel Marcu, Apple Inc), Visual Output from Digital Systems (Huw Robson, HP Labs), 3D Printing and Colour (Peter Walters, CFPR UWE), as well as speakers from Xerox Corp, Hallmark Cards, Royal College of Art London.

    As part of the training during the courses, a series of practical workshops and collaborative experiments were undertaken. One of the workshops at Bristol - Microscopes: Interrogation of the Printed Surface hosted by Mary McCann, was sponsored by Nikon Microscopes who supplied microscopes for researchers to investigate different print processes. In Belfast, workshops included Indigo and Cross Dyeing, with Kate Wells, Print, with Trish Belford, Embroidery/ Long Arm, with Karen Fleming and Emma McClintock, and Digitally Engineered Prints, with Alan Beattie and JR Campbell. The Belfast programme also included an SDC sponsored Day of Colour, which consisted of a series of lectures on colour, organised by Dr Kate Wells, including papers from Richard Ashworth (Can You Believe Your Eyes), Janet Best (An Introduction to Colour Psychology and Retail), Clare Johnston (Colour Consultancy), David Lewis (Some New Possibilities in Textile Colouration), Marilyn Sturgeon (NCS Colour System) and Andy Crangle (Colouration of Plastics).

    Papers and powerpoint presentations given at each event will be available to view on the interactive section of the site soon. Some will also be available on the 'archive' pages of this site.

    The long-term goal of these events is to facilitate dialogue between sectors, to initiate new collaborative research projects between participants. The future of CREATE depends on the development of new knowledge to enhance the many sectors in colour research, from art and design to the sciences and technology, with the objective to establishing a robust and sustainable network of European researchers. We hope to continue building on the CREATE project to develop new networks and future strategies for funding. If you have not attended an event before, and you as an individual or an institute are interested in participating and collaborating then we very much look forward to hearing from you.

    Grants are now available for CREATE’s 2009 programme of events:
    Communicating Colour, Hungary, 19-23 May 2009 (30 places)
    Colour Heritage and Conservation, Italy, 19-24 October 2009 (50 places)

    CREATE become Patron members of the Society of Colourists & Dyers (SDC)

    We are delighted to announce our Patron membership with the SDC.

    Working with Paul Dinsdale of the SDC, issue 3 includes five papers from the previous two CREATE events and an introductory editorial from Carinna Parraman and Alessandro Rizzi.
    • CREATE: Developing a European Exchange in the Application of Colour
    • : Carinna Parraman and Alessandro Rizzi
    • Colour in Flux: The Art and Science of Colour : Carinna Parraman
    • The Interaction of Art, Technology and Customers in Picture Making : John McCann
    • Image Reproduction: An Oxymoron? : Reiner Eschbach
    • Reference-free Image Quality Evaluation for Digital Film Restoration : Majed Chambah
    • Colour Normalisation and Spatial Comparison: A Robust Way to Integrate the Light Spectrum : Alessandro Rizzi
    Please go to

    If you would like to submit a paper to the SDC please contact

    Colour and Landscape : A Photographic Exhibition

    On Paper...
    New Ways to use Print Technology
    These specialist training courses aim to provide participants with a platform to demonstrate how existing technology is already used in sectors relating to print on paper and the textile industry, and how this technology might be applicable for new areas. They will also demonstrate emerging technologies, or models, and ideas that possibly do not have, as yet, a practical application, but would facilitate a dialogue between different sectors.

    A photographic exhibition that accompanied these workshops is available to view online.

    Click here to view the online exhibition of Colour and Landscape.

    Announcing forthcoming training events for 2009!
    Dates will be around the week beginning:
    Hungary 19th -23rd May
    Italy 19th -24th

    News archive:
    Summer 2008
    Winter 2007/8
    Summer 2007

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