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Programme of Events

Welcome to CREATE conference Gjøvik 2010!
colour in art, science, design, conservation, research, printmaking, digital technologies, textiles.

Where :
Gjovik University College, Gjovik, Norway
When : 8th-11th June 2010
Number of places : 100 travel & accommodation grants available
Application deadline: 1st February 2010

This grand finale conference will showcase the research activities of those working in colour from a range of backgrounds across Europe. The conference is open to all working in colour: postgraduate students from arts and sciences, artists, industry & the commercial sector and researchers. The conference will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. On Wednesday will be a cultural day with a guided trip to Oslo. The conference will consist of oral and poster presentations by the conference attendees. Delegates will also hear key lectures from leading industry professionals, artists, scientists and technologists.

Download a preliminary programme

Below are links to the abstracts for the conference. More will be added as they become available.
Alternatively, you can view all abstracts

Keynote speaker: Arne Valberg (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) From Colour Perception to Neuroscience: An Historic Perspective on Colour Vision
Keynote speaker: Serge Berthier (Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, UMR CNRS - Université Pierre et Marie Curie) Nano Photonic in Nature and Art: A brief overview
Keynote speaker: Gabrielle Finn (Durham University, UK) Adding colour to teaching: an anatomical palette
Keynote speaker: Øyvind Kolås (Independant Software consultant) Colour, Code and Creativity
Keynote speaker: Grete Smedal (Bergen College of Art and Design) Colour - The Advantages of a Common Language in Architecture and Design
Vien Cheung (School of Design, University of Leeds, UK) Evaluation of colour-correcting lenses
Jeremie Gerhardt (Fraunhofer-Institut fuer Rechnerarchitektur und Softwaretechnik (FIRST), Germany) Introduction to color correction for immersive dome projections
Tien-Rein Lee (Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan) Colour association in Chinese culture - Colour selection based on the Five Element Wu Xing System
Albrecht Lindner (EPFL - I&C - LCAV, Switzerland) Boosting Colour Features for Robust Keypoint Detection
Carmen Lupascu (Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy) Human Visual Perception and Retinal Diseases
Veronica Marchante (University of Alicante, Spain) GREENER: Green Nanotechnology for Environmentally Friendly Pigments from Sustainable Resources
Claudio Oleari (University of Parma, Physics Department) A Concise History of the Chromaticity Diagram, from Isaac Newton to the CIE Observer
Abhijit Sarkar (IRCCyN-IVC, Polytech’ Nantes, University of Nantes, France) How Modern Displays Push Conventional Colorimetry to its Limit
Aditya Sole (Norwegian Colour Research Lab, Gjøvik University College) Laboratory Implementing ISO12646 standards for soft proofing in a standardized printing workflow
Jean-Baptiste Thomas (C2RMF / Norwegian Colour Research Lab, Gjøvik University College) Controlling colour in display: A discussion on quality
Professor Stephen Westland (School of Design, University of Leeds) Does Subtractive Colour Mixing Exist?

Travel information:
There are two airports in Oslo:
Gardermoen International Airport and Torp International Airport.
Gardermoen is the nearest one to Gjøvik and has a direct bus to Gjøvik every 2 hours.

Download a bus timetable
You can also find the details on the following link:

A small walking guide around Gjøvik

Accommodation details:
The hotel you will be staying in is the Quality Hotel Grand. All rooms are booked from Monday 7 June to Saturday 12 June (5 nights). If for any reason you are not able to stay for this full time, and have not already told me, please let me know as soon as possible, as we will need to notify the hotel.

Indicative Programme:
Full programme and lecture information will be added soon. Below are some details regarding the registration, social and cultural events during the week.

Monday 7th June:
12.00 - 18.00 Registration in the reception of the hotel.

At registration, staff will take a photo of each participant for access cards that each delegate will need for access onto the university college campus. Late registration will take place at the campus.

18.00 Welcome reception in the mountain hall, with guided tour and a short welcome talk from the major.

Tuesday 8th:
Conference will start at 09.00
Evening - Barbeque and outdoor activities at a farm approximately 20 km north of Gjøvik

Wednesday 9th:
Evening - Conference dinner at Skibladner (the steam boat on the lake of Mjøsa), and then a party at the harbour when we return. The debut and final concert of the Create band!

Thursday 10th:
Cultural day. Bus trip to Oslo with visits to Holmenkollen (the ski arena), Vigelandsparken and the Viking ship museum plus some time on your own in the city. Lunch and Dinner at Cafe Europa (centrally located).

Friday 11th:
The conference ends at 17.00. Delegates will need to find their own dinner.

* All lunches will be served in the cafeteria, breakfasts in the hotel.

All sites in Gjøvik (the bus terminal, the hotel, the mountain hall, the campus and the harbour for Skibladner) are within comfortable walking distance, see the map for exact locations:

If you have any questions, please contact:
+44(0)117 3284938

Programme Archive :
To view details of, abstracts, papers, images and more from past programme events, visit the CREATE archive page.