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Vassilios Vonikakis

Country of Birth : Greece
Resident : Greece
Title : Research Fellow - Democritus University of Thrace, dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Laboratory of Electronics

Statement and research interests :

Vassilios Vonikakis was born in 1977. In 2002 he received the diploma on Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a specialization in electronics, and the PhD degree in the field of Biologically-Inspired Machine Vision Systems, from the Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. He is currently a research fellow in the Electronics Laboratory of the Democritus University of Thrace, dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering. Vassilios Vonikakis is a member of the IEEE, EU-Cognition, and the Greek Technical Chamber.

Research interests :
Vassilios Voniokakis’ research field is Biologically-Inspired Machine Vision. His primary research objective is the study of neurophysiological data and neuronal models of the Human Visual System, their adaptation to machine vision systems and their hardware implementation to FPGAs for real-time applications. His research is focused into two different directions: Cognitive systems (e.g. salient contours, visual attention etc.), influenced by the work of Steven Grossberg, and Image Enhancement (Dynamic Range Compression, Color Constancy, Local Contrast Enhancement), influenced by Edwin Land.


Papers in Scientific Journals :
Vonikakis, V., Gasteratos, A., & Andreadis, I. (2006). Enhancement of Perceptually Salient Contours using a Parallel Artificial Cortical Network. Biological Cybernetics, 94(3), 192-214.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Gasteratos, A. (2008). Fast centre-surround contrast modification. IET Image processing 2(1), 19-34.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Papamarkos, N. (2008). Robust document binarization with OFF center-surround cells. Pattern Analysis and Applications (accepted).
Iakovidou, C., Vonikakis, V., & Andreadis, I. (2008). FPGA implementation of a real-time biologically inspired image enhancement algorithm. Journal of Real-Time Image Processing 3(4), 269-287.
Konstantinidis, K., Vonikakis, V., Panitsidis, G., & Andreadis, I. (2008). A Center-Surround Histogram for Content Based Image Retrieval. Pattern Analysis and Applications (accepted).


Papers in Scientific Conferences :
Andreadis, I., Vonikakis, V., & Tsalides, Ph. (2003). Error Computation in the Uniform Color Spaces sRGB and CIEL*a*b*. IEEE 11th Mediterranean Conf. on Automation & Control. (pp. 1-5). Rhodes, Greece.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Gasteratos, A. (2004). A New Approach to Machine Contour Perception. Int. Conf. on Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering. (pp. 566-568). Athens, Greece.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Gasteratos, A. (2005). Simple Shape Classification Based on the Human Visual System. IASTED Int. Conf. on Visualization, Imaging and Image Processing. (pp. 162-167). Benidorm, Spain.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Gasteratos, A. (2006). Extraction of Salient Contours in Color Images. 4th Panhellenic Conference of Artificial Intelligence (SETN 2006), Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (pp. 400-410), Vol. 3955. Heraklion, Greece.
Panitsidis, G., Konstandinidis, K., Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I.., & Gasteratos, A. (2006). Fast Image Retrieval Based on Attributes of the Human Visual System. IEEE NORSIG ’06. (pp. 206-209). Reykjavik, Iceland.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., & Gasteratos, A. (2007). Fast Dynamic Range Compression for Grey Scale Images. Int. Workshop on Advanced Imaging Technology. (pp. 35-39). Bangkok, Thailand.
Vonikakis, V., Andreadis, I., Papamarkos, N., & Gasteratos, A. (2007). Adaptive Document Binarization: A Human Vision Approach. Int. Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications. (pp. 104-110). Barcelona, Spain.
Vonikakis, V., & Andreadis, I. (2007). Fast Automatic Compensation of Under/Over Exposured Image Regions. IEEE Pacific Rim Symposium on Image Video and Technology (PSIVT 2007), Lecture Notes in Computer Science. (pp. 510-521), Vol. 4872. Santiago, Chile. Voted as “Best Paper in Computer Vision Applications”.
Vonikakis, V., & Andreadis, I. (2008). Multi-Scale Image Contrast Enhancement. ICARCV 2008. (pp. 385-391). Hanoi, Vietnam.
Iakovidou, C., Vonikakis, V., & Andreadis, I. (2008). A Hardware Module for Automatic Exposure Correction in Real-time Vision Systems. VLSI-SOC 2008. (pp. 67-72). Rhodes Island, Greece.

Participation in Research Projects :
'Controlled transportation systems: Determination of traffic flow characteristics with image processing techniques', during which, I developed an algorithm for traffic load monitoring based on color segmentation (01/04/2001 – 30/09/2003).
'Development and implementation of novel algorithms for pattern recognition based on biological inspired model and intelligent systems', during which, I develop new methods for document binarization and OCR, inspired by attributes of the Human Visual System (01/01/2005 - 31/12/2007).
'Computational algorithms for even and uneven flow in gravity canals. Applications in sewage networks', during which, I developed a method for the automatic assessment of the Manning coefficients, which determine the resistance of a canal to the flow of water, based on texture classification principals with neural networks (01/10/2006 – 31/12/2007).

Selected Developed Algorithms :
PhotoEnhancer 2.4: Biologically-Inspired image processing software for the enhancement of the under/over-exposed image regions, the correction of color and local contrast.
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