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Maja Stanić

Country of Birth : Croatia
Resident : Croatia
Title : PhD student, University of Zagreb - Faculty of Graphic Arts

Statement and research interests :
I am a full-time PhD student at the postgraduate doctoral study Graphic Engineering, at Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb. I received my graduation diploma in Graphic Technology in 2006.

My main interest and current research work is three-dimensional ink-jet printing (3DP). It is carried out as a work for my thesis. The scope of the thesis is characterization of the material for the 3D printing, as well as the prints itself. The proposed work aims to explain the variety of characteristics of the 3D prints material, including mechanical testing in relation to variations in printing process and in relation to finishing process; colour characterization of 3D prints; print permanence; accelerated aging of the material and its effects on the characteristics of the prints; characterization of the surface of 3D prints with contact and non-contact methods and image analysis.


The research in the area of 3DP done so far has been presented on 2007 Digital Fabrication International Conference (organized by IS&T, joint with Non-Impact Printing 23 International Conference), held in Anchorage (AK) in September 2007 and the work on colour-related aspect of 3DP is accepted to be presented on Non-Impact Printing 24 (NIP24) International Conference, to be held in Pittsburg (PA) in September 2008. I am also the co-author of scientific article that is accepted for publication in Journal of Imaging Science and Technology concerning the 3DP mechanical and surface properties, titled “Three-Dimensional Ink-jet Prints : Impact of Infiltrants“. 3DP work has also been presented on Adriatic Print and Photo Forum in November 2007, in Ljubljana, Slovenia as well as on the Smart and Beautiful International Conference in March 2008, Epe, Netherlands.

Besides the 3DP work and since I work with colleagues in the Department of Printing Materials (paper, ink, polymers) I am involved in the European COST E48 Project dealing with paper recycling. Among my interest, my personal favorite is image analysis, especially in print and paper industry. I do it mostly in my free time. It is also included in work about 3DP, mainly in the area of surface characterization and print quality. I have also worked on several presentations and papers in these two areas.


Research interests :
Material characterization of three-dimensional inkjet printing - currently focused on colour related aspects of 3D prints and print permanence, including light and humidity fastness.

Colour characterization of prints finished with different infiltrants - colour difference, gamut, colour shifts. Instrument-related aspect of colour measurements of 3D prints - due to their rough and textured surface and the presence of the infiltrant on the surface.

The present research activities are a part of thesis work and, in addition to colour and permanence issues, include also mechanical testing, accelerated aging of the material, analysis of surface topography with contact and non-destructive methods etc.

Image analysis techniques in print and paper industry.
Novel printing techniques.
Digital printing.

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