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Markus Reisinger

Country of Birth : Netherlands
Resident : Delft, Netherlands
Title : PhD Researcher, TU Delft
Statement and research interests :
In 2006 I started with my PhD research that studies perceptions of interior lighting and emotional responses that light causes. This research project is set up jointly by the Delft University of Technology and Philips Research in the Netherlands.

As lighting designer I produce concepts for architecture and scenic art. My works typically merge architecture, scenography and visual communication research. A special focus therein became the development of light experience spaces - spaces dedicated to convey lighting effects in real-scale.

Research interests :
Lighting appearance, Environmental aesthetics; Meaning and emotion of chromatic light combinations; Dynamic effects of light.

Selected projects :
Dynamic light (design project) - presentation of the concept of dynamic ambience at the Light & Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany; 2004
Frames (design project) - chromatic light installation at a window in the staircase of the Muzieum Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Objet Mathematique (design project) - new lighting for Le Corbusier’s sculpture Objet Mathematique; Eindhoven, The Netherlands; 2006


Example Paper :
Reisinger, M., Huedo, A.,* and Vogels, I.,* University of Technology Delft, Philips Research Europe* : The powers of attraction of chromatic light (research project) - research paper on perception of chromatic light for accent lighting; 2008

Web links :

Skype : creativelight

email :

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