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Paras Pant

Country of Birth : Nepal
Resident : Finland
Title : Trainee Researcher, Colour Research Group, Department of Computer Science and Statistics
University of Joensuu, Finland

Statement and research interests :
I was born in 1979 at Lamjung, Nepal. I revived my Bachelor of Engineering in the field of Computer Engineering from Kathmandu University, Nepal. From august 2006, I am a master’s student in Computer science at university of Joensuu, Finland. I am also working in Color research group at the Department of Computer from June 2007. I am also working in InFotonics Centre Joensuu research centre at the University of Joensuu.

My current work is in field of Spectral imaging in natural scenes. Acquiring scene reflectance spectra and illuminant spectral power distribution present in it. From the illumination information I am studying spectral reconstruction of illumination information preserving Correlated Colour Temperature. For this study two statistical means, Principal Component Analysis, and Independent Component Analysis are used to study spectral reconstruction. Spectral metrics and Colorimetric differences are calculated after reconstruction to analysis the results.


Research interests :
My research interest include spectral colour research, pattern recognition and computer vision. Image analysis.

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