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Programme of Events

Training Course 4 : Communicating Colour
Where : Pannon University, Veszprem, Hungary
When : 19-23 May 2009
Number of places : 30
Application deadline: Monday 23 February 2009
Travel information (Students) (pdf)
Travel information ( Speakers) (pdf)

The event would include workshops and sessions, both theoretical and practical, which will address problems relating to the conceptual aspects of colour, colour naming, teaching, profiling, communication, marketing, advertising, arts, and pedagogic research.

It will include:
  • The practical requirements for the end user such as the designer, archivist, commercial printer, film and television-maker;
  • History and practice of colour science, artists’ models and industrial colour requirements;
  • What devices are needed to teach colour, teaching in schools, industry and for the services.
Indicative Programme and Abstracts

Day One:

A series of lectures/ tutorials discussing the properties of devices we can use for communicating colours (soft and hard).

Key note speaker: Janos Schanda (Uni. Pannonia, Virt. Environments and Imaging Technologies Lab) Standardized colour communication and beyond  Abstract
  •  Dr. Balázs Kránicz (Uni. Pannonia, Institute of Physics) Colorimetric Properties of Computer Peripherials in Imaging  Abstract
  •  Youngshin Kwak (Samsung, S. Korea) Introduction to Display Processing Techniques  Abstract
Day Two:
A series of lectures/ tutorials that will deal with the use of colour communication in different industries/arts:
  •  Dr.Robert Hirschler (SENAI/CETIZT Colour Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Colour communication in industry from design to product
  •  Beata Stahre (Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology) Defining Reality in Virtual Reality Abstract
  •  Prof. Ilona Heidal (Chalmers Uni., Sweden) - Photorealism and Abstractions Supporting Communication in Architecture  Abstract
  •  Dr. Cecilia Sik-Lányi (Uni. of Pannonia, Virt. Environments and Imaging Technologies Lab.) Lights and Colour in VR Abstract
  •  Tadeus Krzeszoviak (Technical College, Austria) - the use of colour in the theatre  
  •  Professor Lindsay MacDonald (London College of Communication) - Tutorial on colour communication  Abstract
Day Three: Colour education and further possibilities.
  •  Dr. Michael Pointer (Visiting Professor, University of Leeds, University of the Arts London) - Visual Appearance - Colour and beyond  Abstract
  •  Dr. Alessandro Rizzi (Università Degli Studi Di Milano) - The many ways to distort a colour: the long path from reality to perception  Abstract
All tutorials will be backed up with practical demonstrations and hands-on exercises: Dr. Hirschler will lead a demonstration where students can show their understanding of the different colour terms (like the NCS tutorials).

We hope to get from some colorimeter manufacturers demo instruments, so that we can make practical measurements on those. Dr. Krzeszoviak will bring fluorescent paints used in the theatre and students can experiment with those.

Cultural Day
The cultural day on Saturday will include a tour of the Herend porcelain manufacture, where somebody will tell us about porcelain painting, as well as a visit to the mini manufacturer in Herend, the monastery in Tihany and lake Balaton.

Printable pdf timetable
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