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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are you calling for papers, poster presentations, talks?
All students and lecturers (not key notes) will be obliged to present a poster.

This will take place over several sessions, during which all participants will both present their poster ideas on a one to one basis, and examine all other posters present.
Details of what to include in your poster will be added to the ‘Programme’ page in the near future.

There will also be an opportunity for a student forum, where students can give 10-15 minute presentations/talks. This is optional.

Do I need to have some research results to submit to attend?
No. The focus of the conference is on opportunities, good ideas, work in progress, and finally results. The aim is to OPEN up the forum, so if they are a master student (see below) with an interest in colour then there might be an opportunity for them to collaborate, and gain expertise.


I am a master student interested in color, but not really a researcher (yet), can I come?
Yes (see above). Subject to allocation of grants, EU regulations, and the approval of a proposal and CV (detailing what you have done so far, why you want to participate in this event and what you hope to gain from taking part). See ‘how to apply’ for further details.

I'm a professional working in the graphic arts industry, often struggling with color management, can I come?
Yes, (see above), subject to allocation of grants and proposal.

Who is eligible?
Eligibility is not dependent on age, but on researcher years experience, whether you are in a university or working for a company.

Researcher years are based only on years when you are research active .

Researchers eligible for funding according to the EU are:
  Group 1: All Early Stage Researchers having begun their postgraduate / MA/ Mphil / PhD studies or specialist training studies less than 4 years
    prior to the date of the course.
  Group 2: All Experienced Researchers having begun their postgraduate/ MA/ Mphil/ PhD studies between 4 and 10 years prior to the date of the course.
See also terms and conditions 
How do I pay for travel and accommodation?
There is EU funding for travel and living expenses. You will be expected to arrange and pay for your own travel in advance – these costs will then be reimbursed after the conference. (See terms and conditions for full details). Make sure you keep all your receipts!

Accommodation is pre-booked and paid for. You will not need to make any accommodation arrangements yourself

For further information regarding all aspects of Create contact:

Alison Davis
Events Administrator
Centre for Fine Print Research
UWE, Bristol School of Art, Media and Design
Kennel Lodge Road
Bristol BS3 2JT
Tel: +44 (0)117 328 4770