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Background and Objectives
The group CREATE - Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment - have come together to promote and exchange research and knowledge through a series of conferences and training courses. The courses and conferences began in September 2007 and will run for the next 4 years. We hope you will be able to join us.

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The long term objective is to develop with artists, designers, technologists and scientists a cross disciplinary approach to improving colour and print. In 2006, through European Union, Framework 6 Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses (SCF),
CREATE, Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment, was established. The University of the West of England, Bristol (UK) was successful in gaining half a million Euros to work with European Institutes to host, teach and exchange knowledge in many aspects of colour.

The co-universities are:

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - Spain
Università degli Studi di Milano - Italy
Gjøvik University College - Norway
University of Leeds - UK
University of Ulster in Belfast - Northern Ireland
Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne - France
University of Pannonia
(formerly University of Veszprém) - Hungary
University of the West of England
- UK

For useful information on Marie Curie Actions there is a ‘rough guide’ which can be found on the UKRO website :
or via :

For more information on Marie Curie Actions please visit :

In March 2000 the Lisbon summit highlighted the need to address the brain drain from Europe. The European Council set out a ten year strategy to make the EU the world’s most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy. By 2010, we will have undertaken our last event in Norway and therefore will be able to work on and contribute to this initiative.

The Framework 6 Marie Curie Actions addresses the human potential by encouraging people to become researchers and for researchers to undertake research in Europe.

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Colour has a huge social and economic impact in the EU, affecting everyday life. It is not possible, for the visually sighted, to imagine any situation of everyday life where colour does not play a part. The application of digital colour is used in many commercial, industrial and academic sectors: from digital television to graphic design. One of the fastest growth areas, for example, is the colour sector relating to digital photography and inkjet printing, which has far-reaching implications for how images are captured, printed and archived. However, as the application of digital colour increases, there still remains a problem regarding the management of colour: how colour is transferred from one device to another, how colour is measured, perceived, printed, and as more digital print technologies are employed, its permanence.

The overall objectives for the group Create are:

 to develop a pan-European network of training projects that brings together European colour groups;
 to exchange and disseminate knowledge through specialist conferences;
 to enable researchers, especially those at an early stage in their career, to benefit from the knowledge of experts in the field of digital colour and its
    applications through a programme of 7 events;
to enable the researcher to develop not only links outside their own research centre but to create a cross disciplinary dialogue with peers and experts
    across Europe;
to provide a forum for dialogue between different fields, to create new insights to an idea or problem;

If you have any questions about Create, please contact: the Create administrator:
email :
Tel: +44 (0)117 328 4938