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How to Apply:
The application process for the Norway conference is different to that of the courses we have had before now. In addition to completing an application form (see below), you will also need to submit a proposal for either a full presentation, or a poster presentation. Your presentation could be an oral and visual presentation, visual only, sound, performance, demonstration, screening, or a workshop.

Below are a selection of templates that can be edited to suit your specific proposal.

Please submit your applications by 1st February 2010. All submissions will be reviewed by the CREATE committee, and you will be notified of the outcome on or around the 1st March 2010.

You will need to send the following:
1.The Create application form, which includes your details, qualifications, preferred method of presentation, and why you are attending.

Application forms:
application form (rtf) This .rtf application form can be filled in online and returned to us as an e-mail attachment.
application form (pdf) This .pdf ( downloadable) application form can be printed and returned to us by post at the address below.

2. A 1 page CV
Submit your CV and application form by email to
In order to assist in our administration please include your surname in the name of the application & CV files.

3. Full Paper:
Your paper must be a maximum of 5 pages (up to 3,500 words). Your submission does not have to be new research but can be a presentation of your field, or a review of your research and work that has been made during the CREATE period.

You will also need to download a template to complete your paper submission. The submission can be a technical paper or a gallery presentation (images with supporting text).

Please download the Word.doc templates, Open Office or LaTeX and InDesign template for formatting and layout guidelines. The InDesign templates are purely examples of how you can lay out your text - please note there are 5 different designs in this file you may modify the text and image boxes. Please however keep to the same font, size and paragraph formatting when using text. Please note that the font is slightly different in the LaTeX document, which is Computer Modern Sans.

Please select a format that you feel suits you.

InDesign template for formatting and layout guidelines

Open Office single column template
Open Office double column template
Open Office CV page template

Microsoft word single column template
Microsoft word double column template
Microsoft word CV page template

LaTex single or double column template
Poster template for LaTex
pdf of LaTex template

Microsoft word General template guidelines (font size, page size, formatting).
Open Office General template guidelines

Paper submission:
Please complete the relevant template and submit it through the Easy Chair online conference submission system:
Please also email an editable version of your paper to

Many thanks,
Alison Davis
Events Administrator

If you have any questions, please contact Alison at:
email :  or
Tel:     +44 (0)117 328 4938